A Dreamerís Walk

By Brian Daily


-Come take a walk with me

††††††††††† -Into a midnight dream


-Letís just feel the breeze

††††††††††† -And be at ease


-With a little sprinkle of the rain

††††††††††† -We can find the shadows of night


-And be out of sight

††††††††††† -Of the troubles in our day


-Letís dream our dreams

††††††††††† -In the twinkle of desire


-What about the things that can not be?

††††††††††† -Like you and me


-Letís believe but not see

††††††††††† -Into a midnight dream


-We donít need to think about trivial things

††††††††††† -Like sleep and needs


-Letís just imagine all things green

††††††††††† -With golden beams


-Of the stars above

††††††††††† -Letís place fact that things arenít as they seem


-We can embrace in our dreams

††††††††††† -Until we find peace and ease


-In our midnight dream