Empire Fist

Written by Brian Daily



In Roman Eyes

The world it shines

With red and gold

The blood of sacrifice

Dripping from the bone

The flag is carved

With conquest pleasure

And greed. Itís all

A people might need

To hold their head

High and claim to be

Supreme. Everything is

Owned and lives are

Claimed. In Roman eyes

It does not rain.



In Roman Eyes

The world is shines

With red and gold

Only our souls we

May not hold. Little

Is known about the trek

We choose. Malicious

Stabs and squandering

Growth. The color red

In different shades

Only enemies are made

To play the game

At the end of a stare

And piercing spear

The game of soft

Spoon feed tales

Only hope for what

Your heart once held

This hope only can prevail

With you own wings

To sail. Itís only

An image that

Used to be known.

In Roman Eyes

Dreams only glow.


In Roman Eyes

The world is shines

With red and gold

All we are

Is broad and bold

The top it glimmers

And we rise propelled

From the heads of

Those below. With

Sorrow eyes they

Beam above. They

See the life, a

Grand escape. They

See the peak, a

Perceived elation.

A look above to

See the gold

A look below to

Realize how

They hold this

Castle to the floor.

Without Roman Eyes

The world is green

And blue. The roots

That hold the gold

From cascading down

With the simple this is found

May the time not change?

With what we have

May we not frown