Michigan Photo Gallery
**Some photos are contributions from my buddy Ziad Ahmed. They are denoted with a -z-

Hanging out!

Ryan as the Green Party!

Yo Ryu, What's Up? G-Party Gambler

Glenn's family farm!


Gramcracker at the G-Party

Little flip cup for Ziad

Hans at his best.

Rolling Gansta!

Snowshoe and snowball fight!

Val Salutes!

Hey Laura!

Nancy Jean!


Sinan Hanging out! -z-

Houghton -z-

Bridge up at Copper Harbor -z-

Keweenaw plants!

Ziad and Me Fishing -z-

Superior is frozen -z-

Good times -z-

It's Beth -z-

Fire is roaring -z-

The Portage -z-

Snowshoeing -z-

Rivers -z-

Jess -z-

Val -z-

Plants -z-

Relaxing for Spring Break -z-

Oh man, Here is the rafting -z-

Rubber ducky's rock -z-

Time for rapids -z-

We got a flat -z-

In the mine -z-

Old Redridge Reservior -z-

Just a day trip -z-

Whao man way cool -z-

Still Fishing? -z-