So I spent the New Year's up in Seattle with my buddy Chris Lewis. It was a good time, and a change of pace for something to start 2007 off new and fresh. We had gorgeous weather to throw some discs around the park. The night ended up in party mode with a good cheer for the midnight countdown. We played the funniest game ever, Apples to Apples. Hilarious! I am glad I drove up to meet some cool friends of Chris's and to just have a mellow relaxing time. I guess you can party anywhere as long as you have friends right? Well, starting off the year I feel good. I have my priorities to lock down like finding a place in Portland and settling in with this new job. If I had a New Year's resolution it would be to ride my bike more than drive this year. I am itching to roll around and explore Portland a bit. I am itching to start up with classes and find some thing meaningful to latch on to. I found it with work, so I am going to roll with a good thing. Now I need to fill in a few grey areas. So that might be my New Year's resolution. The vague resolution that only comes once a year to be forgotten the day after it was made. Why don't people make throughout the year resolutions? Wouldn't they be more effective? Oh, well, might as well wait till next year before I lose all this weight, stop smoking and panhandling all the time.

So I started thinking again about people and time. It's it amazing how the human race is interconnected as one big whole? The whole is comprised of individual links all bonded together by personal contacts. Family, friends and interpersonal connections of love, friendship, happiness and joy create these bonds of linked relationships. What makes the race where it is now? Would that be the core desire for survival? Then these bonds expand out like a huge web, they grow. These are the motivations to keep the human race growing and moving on. These are the connections that fathers and mothers want to pass on to their children. Charles Darwin might of overlooked the human's emotional evolution of compassion and love to be used as an evolutionary tactic. Time changes, the race shifts, grows, or is altered. It passes it's ability to create these bonds and the need for them. Then life continues and generations are born.

Imagine if nobody had the capacity to establish these interpersonal connections. Would people then feel the need to continue? Would they be so lonely that they never felt it worth it to pass on life in this world to their children? A different perception about the human race is if it mirrored bacteria. Each adjacent cell, working with and progressing the neighbor in it's life. Then eventually the bacteria grows compared to how much food is available. However the bacteria is interconnected and all shares the same common goal. Each cells helps to create an interconnected blob of one whole community. Take Seattle for instance, all the districts interconnected as one big city. No matter what anybody chooses to do in their life, they will help out people is some way or another. No matter what!!!

What has changed with human needs? Obviously the world and lifestyle have changed dramatically. A time ago when Lewis and Clark set a trekking up the Missouri River, health care and survival was a thing only to be done on your own accord. No such thing as an ambulance. The horse buggy that traveled seven mile an hour was a technological marvel. Now it's dangerous to creep into the wrong blocks of a city or run out of gas in the wilderness. Zip it! It's a world out there once you open your car door. What is so scary now compared to then? Isn't it strange to see old historic houses, per say built in 1895 and think "This house is older than everybody alive today" What a strange thing? Things built now are incomparable to any other generation. However, may our basic desires not have changed from generation to generation. People just live in the environment they have. They may seek all the same things people of the past opened their eyes for.

I often wonder how Darwin wasn't born before the nineteenth century. How did religion occupy the status quo of consciousness for so long? Was is from ultimate fear? Today, the collective thought of the masses believing in science is an infancy perception. Just arising from the nineteenth century. Imagine if everybody around you still believed in the 'Chain of Being'. The 'Chain of Being' was a European religious belief about how the world existed throughout the Birth of Christ till the 19th century.  The 'Chain of Being' was a spiritual link between the heavens, earth then hell.  At the top of the chain was heaven, then the fixed stars, the planets in our solar system then earth. Hell was at the bottom and at the center of Earth. Every link closer to heaven received less disturbance in the chain. Every link above affected the link below. So if Jupiter was off in it's calculated trajectory, then Earth experienced mayhem. Since Earth was so low on the chain, plagues, earthquakes, famines, evil villains, blizzards, and all malicious acts were caused by disturbances in the chain. Imagine trying to argue this concept out of some bodies head! At least in Europe at the time you would of had too. But, guaranteed there would of had to be radicals at the time who thought of evolution, biology and science and all that jazz. They just had no platform to stand on with their beliefs. Well, maybe in the next few hundred years radicals of our time will change the mass's perception of how the world works and evolution and science will become historical concept. Didn't Darwin break the chain?

So are hundred year old buildings proof enough to a dynamic and changing race?  Did Darwin misunderstand the complexities of an evolving human emotion to act as an evolutionary tactic? Are the intertwined feelings of compassion a strategy to proliferate the lineage? Yet, with evolution there is never to be any perfection. As a New Year rolls along, the times slowly change and forward is the only direction to go. With positive and accepting arms we may see an evolving 2007, and can only embrace the change for a dynamic world. As we have seen in the last hundred years, times will change quick.