This the page I hope to modify in the coming years. All is well in the land of green. I am back in Oregon. The Peace Corps for me is not an option right now.  My plan is to update this page with stories about projects of my friends in the Peace Corps. My friends are in a Master's International program at Michigan Technological University. With a plan to get a Master's Degree in Civil Engineering. One billion people in the world are lacking access to safe drinking water and proper sanitation. The mission and goals in the Peace Corps will be to help alleviate this problem. My friends have assignments in Mali, Panama and The Dominican Republic. The program entails taking a year of classes then volunteering for two years while in the Peace Corps. Volunteers will work on a project to write a thesis on. Other MI thesis's have concentrated on work doing constructed wetlands, gravity- fed water systems and spring boxes. Just to name a few. The program is progressing and has hit a limit. A dozen students a year is all Michigan Tech can handle right now. I am excited to be engaged is such a great program. It is really surprising how little amounts of effort can go a long way. I hope to find be able to post stories and projects in the coming future. 

MI Peace Corps Blogs


Ξ Jon Mellor (Uganda)

Ξ Jessica Mehl (Panama)

Ξ Adam Blankenbicker (Guatamala)

Ξ Luke Barret (Madagascar)

Ξ Phil Hittepole (Ecuador)


























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