Hawaiian Style

October 15th, 2006 a 6.7 magnitude earth quake hit the big island of Hawai'i. Maui felt the shock and the house did the "hula". So I went back to check it out, inspect and do some work. Five weeks of relaxing and swimming at the beach everyday was great. The island of Maui faired well from the quake. Lahaina's Mardi Gras Halloween feel is something to definitely partake in. I got to really appreciate the ocean and fall right back into the laid back culture. It was good to be back and do some solid work on the house. My buddy Tibbs came along and together we painted the big house, then I trimmed up the big trees and fixed the busted sprinklers. Everything is fine and the trip was well worth it. Till the next time in paradise. Enjoy these photos!





Tribute Video,

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To the Hawai'i State Fish, Humuhumunukunukuapua'a



I took a holiday trip to Maui in December of 2005. I flew back to visit my mom on Maui. My mom and I took two days and flew over to Hilo to see the volcano.  Here are a few pictures of the time I spent being back. I did just about everything. Surfing, scuba, hiking the crater, went out to Hana and even went to a Michael Franti concert in Lahaina. I also did a lot of work around the yard. My mom's house is looking really good. I spent a lot of time enjoying the beach. Makena beach had a swell come it so I bought a cheap-o body board and hit up the barrels. I was impressed to see the skimmers ripping it up. Doing flips and all kinds of cool tricks. I was impressed  to see many turtles when I went diving. It was good to be back and have the time to just see the old sights and to eat lots of food. It was really nice to see my mom. Maui was a bit stressful because it is becoming very crowded. The feel was rather much the same, the old sugar cane factory and old Paia town hadn't changed. However the crowds of people were every where. It's rather frustrating to see the island out growing it self. Traffic was something new. Never less, I had a great time! I saw a few old friends and got to hang out with my family.