This is my site dedicated to New Zealand. It is really a time capsule of mine. Dated back to the year of 2002. A memoir scrapbook, with pictures of my time in New Zealand. No hands down the greatest place. Songs, sights, dance, rhythm and soul. You simply can't have a bad day in NZ. While coping with the challenges of biking an epic inter-island journey to tramping the golden southern alps. The place is captivating. The city I lived in was Christchurch, situated on flat land that is nestled up against the Port Hills. In a glimpse of time, the islands were explored and the country will forever inspire me. From all the cool culture arises fish n' chip, the Undy 500 and Hokitika's Wild Foods Festival. Penguins, kiwi and keas; are all birds of a tranquil land. The mountains will never be conquered. The people will be as humble and generous as any could be. Before I got to Christchurch I rode a bike over 1000 kilometers from Auckland. Before I came home, I spent 25 days tramping the northern part of the South Island. All in the year, 2002. Here are some photos I have made. Something that keeps me ready for the next time I go there. I might never come back if I do.



Please ask permission to reproduce my photography!




You are as old as you are. Our lives revolve around coming from some where then focusing on getting to the next spot. Do we think of stopping and enjoying the view at the intersection? A poem down in kiwi land.

Come as old