The shine of green wet air. The earth is saturated with trees. Oregon is a living place, with down to earth people and great places. It's a conglomerate of ocean, mountains and desert. A lot of it as well. Oregon has roughly the same area as Great Britain with nearly four million residents. To many peoples surprise, Oregon is mostly desert. Some of the most grand and pristine desert of the world. There is nothing like the high planes of Eastern Oregon. To my surprise, some Oregonians don't know of their own state. The Steen's Mountains, Hart Mountains, John Day Fossil beds, Wallowa Mountains and Alvord Desert will blow your mind. Hence we have our space, to breath, think and be free. Volcanic peaks of Mt. Hood, Mt Jefferson, and the Three Sisters protrude into the sky. Crater lake loafs in glory of an ancient time. The Columbia rips through the Northwest to stream out into the Pacific Ocean. It's all supreme! Can we ever find a more sensible ground. The coast is unequalled anywhere on earth, where cliffs and ragging surf collide. The one city of Portland is small and showered. It is at the merging of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers. Forests dominate the land and fuels the economy of a vast state. The Northwest lays claim to the birth of Nike, Boeing, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, CH2M Hill and Starbucks. Now these colossal giants wrap their arms around the world. Salmon and rivers provide the energy of the region as they culturally represent the people. Half way from both the equator and the north pole. The Oregon's sun is warm. It rains a golden life in Oregon.  

North Sister!


Painted Hills, John Day Fossil Beds


City of Portland


Oregon's flowers



Picture Canyon


Slide Rock


Mt Jefferson


Columbia River



The hollowness inside armor may be the softest skin. The armor exposed to the elements may be the toughest hide. The bubble around us is hard to leave sometimes. Where we are now shall be the greatest place in the world.

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Smith Rock 



Zack DeVos


Food Art!




March Shamrock Run, Portland Oregon



A night out in Portland Oregon at a Slightly Stoopid Concert


Slide Rock Video




Pacific City, January 2007 Video

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This is a tribute to a dear friend I will always hold in the highest respect for believing in me and who I feel honored to have been part of my life.

When I dig into my memories*******There is a friend that makes my self cherish the imperative qualities of life. This past friend is someone who brings all the greatest moments to stage and projects them in a radiance of colorful light. This friend has always thought the world of me, and fulfilled a slice of my life and made me a better person. This friend is someone I will always admire, respect and honor. She will always be; wonderful, passionate, sincere, brilliant, encouraging, beautiful and decadent. Thanks Laura for all the laughs, smiles, happiness, hugs, support, great memories and love that will remain forever a part of me.




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