I am constantly challenged by the absentness of knowledge. Adventure is the purist word to describe life and sometimes I live in the future. Most times I can not wait. Dreams are what make a person live in a different world. They seldom come true but, as long as they are there its something. Living is worth everything.  I understand I don't know everything and it bugs me. Wouldn't it just be so simple to know everything. If I could choose a superpower, it would be to know every language in the world. Hah! bet spider-man didn't think of that one. Well, I let the adventure take me. I do what I say I will and some day I will get to fulfill a handful of my life goals. As long as I stop conjuring them at some point. I live to travel, it is contagious. I value great wealth when I stop and get familiar within the place I am at. A year is still nearly enough time. I plan to spread good will around the world what ever that means. That is my vision. It is what encourages me to get sucked into the unknown. I am also hypnotized by water. The ocean, lakes, rivers, snow all around me! I am also perplexed by the dirty and brown water. I hope I can help people to have simple and clean water. I also have to be what I have always been. What I have seen, done and been a part of, molds myself. I can't give up my past, since it is truly all I really have.

I grew up in Hawai'i, on the island of Maui. I have to say that it's probably the most beautiful place I will ever be. I am naive, I think I have only lived in the best places in the world. So far nothing has disappointed me. I am on a good track. I've learned that a day is made of what joys the earth and oceans can give you. If the beach is there, why need a Porsche? Breathe and feel what is your surroundings. I went to school in Oregon. High school and college both in the little town of Corvallis. Oregon is great! I love the diversity of the state. Eastern Oregon has to be my favorite. I actually miss the rain. It always happens that you might not truly appreciate a place until you are gone. So that leads me into my studies. I graduated from Oregon State with a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering. I am still figuring out the balance between work life and travel. But for now, I will settle on more school.  I am struggling with the reality that I am truly alone, with the encouragement from friends. A path that leads to the farthest peak might be just one trail. I hope to unleash all the jumbled up ideas of my creativity and to present them. I also hope the wake of adventure can take me on some wicked rollercoaster rides. I'll see what happens!

My current contact info:

Address:      Po Box 83   Lebanon, Oregon 97355

Phone:   (541) 401 8368

Email:     brianndaily@yahoo.com