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I got sent to Washington D.C. for a training. Here are a few photos from when I was able to mosey around town!


Museum of the American Indian and the Capital Building


Old Smithsonian Building and the Museum of Air and Space

Lincoln Memorial


Nov 16th, 2007

Here's a update from my busy life. I'm currently working on an expansion project for an Indian Health Service clinic. The project is focused around three major components; new building space, renovation of existing space and a HVAC mechanical system retrofit. The project is in the conceptual design phase. I find the project interesting every day. I like to dive a little into the engineering fields not particularly in my realm, like mechanical or electrical. I also have a environmental assessment project under way. The intent is to test for asbestos, lead and conduct surveys of hazardous conditions of buildings. This is allowing for me to travel for work. (see the photo below of the Grand Coulee) Under way and on my mind is to dig into energy projects. It is a big puzzle to put together. My school work is interesting at the moment, I have two classes. I'm  learning once again about hydrological modeling applications. I also have a class on public policy of natural resources. My focus is on tribal rights, working on a paper of indigenous knowledge is fishing and hunting policies.



Attached to this link is a spreadsheet I developed to estimate a payback period for implementing lower energy consuming fluorescent light bulbs.

(Light Bulbs)